Two Entrepreneurs use Britelites to create Kylie Jenner Coachella Rainbow Mermaid Braids! So Easy! Wow! April 29 2016

Our Kylie Jenner Rainbow Braids Tutorial features Gianna Kramer, a powerhouse social media marketer, inspiring entrepreneur, Marketing on Main founder and host of the popular YouTube Beauty & Nail Art Channel Lancengi. Gianna reached out to me recently and sent me a few pictures of Kylie Jenner's rainbow braids that she recently rocked at Coachella. That got me thinking... could we recreate that same look looking using Britelites?

Typically, Britelites is used to accent smaller pieces of hair (i.e. highlights/lowlights). However, with music festival season upon us, I was up for the challenge of recreating this look on Gianna's very thick, dark and luscious brunette locks! Read on to see how we pulled off Kylie's look without bleach or colored extensions.

Step 1: I started off by coloring small sections of Giana's hair very lightly with Britelites. The idea here was to create a base for more product to stick to once her hair was braided. I sprayed a coat of dry shampoo and hairspray for added texture and grip. The overall look here is subtle, but so very pretty. 


Step 2: For the second step, we braided Gianna's hair. Time to add more color! To apply more color, I started at the very top of her head and used Pink primarily with a few hints of Lilac in the braids (similar to Kylie's look). Working down the braids, I added Ice Blue, then Mint and finally Gold at the tips. Gianna has posted a tutorial video of the entire process so be sure to subscribe to her channel here!

Step 3: We live in Florida and it gets very HOT here in the afternoon. While Britelites doesn't melt like say, a lipstick, it can get messier in hot climates. To combat that, we finished the look off with a nice coat of hair spray.

Let's take a look at some before and after photos!


Gorgeous right?!  Here's a snapshot of Kylie's look and our recreation of her rainbow braids.


Image Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

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Image Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

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Image Source: Instagram @kyliejenner

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We were both so in love with the results; which honestly surpassed my own expectations since Gianna's hair is so thick and dark. Here are a few more shots!


I am so happy that I had the chance to work with this amazing woman / go-getter / supremely awesome person and can't wait to share our future collabs with you. Gianna totally rocked Britelites and brought all of her lovely energetic personality to the shoot.

Stay tuned for our next Britelites hair color tutorial where we'll showcase the oil slick color trend and maybe even one of Gianna's stellar nail tutorials to match the look! Cheers my loves! 


Sara Rose