Mermaid Hair DIY May 10 2016

Lately I've been getting a ton of questions regarding the all-over application of Britelites. Originally, I developed this product as a quality alternative to hair chalk and other temporary hair color products that can seriously dry your hair out. It all started as a way to add fun streaks of color without exposure to harsh chemicals, dyes, talc, etc that stress and damage hair over time. However, as fashion and hair color trends evolve, vivid mermaid hair is one of the hottest trends of 2016. Here's a DIY Mermaid Hair Tutorial with a few tips and tricks on how to get mermaid hair with Britelites. 

1. Start with dry hair. You can style before or after application depending upon what look you're going for! I have untamed waves that behave differently practically everyday. I'm just going with the fresh outta bed look knowing that my hair will be easier to style as I add product throughout this application process.


2. Moisturize. My favorite moisturizer of all time is coconut oil. Typical Britelites application does not require moisturizing ahead of time since we use a ton of organic coconut oil in our product. However, all-over looks require the use of other products  that can be drying.

3. Spray an even coat of your favorite hairspray.

I used Pantene's Airspray which has a nice lightweight feeling. Personally, I love this hairspray, which really does not feel like a hairspray at all. It's also one of Gwen Stefani's stylist's top recommendations. I will be using this throughout the entire application process, before applying color and after. Airspray helps Britelites feel lighter in addition to improving texture. When Britelites is used to highlight the hair in a few select places, a setting spray is not necessary. When you are going for all out mermaid hair, I highly recommend Airspray to minimize any potential color transfer. Purchase here on Amazon. 

4. Apply a base coat of Britelites Mint

If you have blond hair, you might not go through an entire tube of Mint coloring your entire head but I certainly did with my dark hair. If your hair is longer than mine, I would recommend having two tubes of Mint on hand. In the future, we will have larger tubes available for looks like this. 

Once you have covered your entire noggin, spray another coat of Airspray. Wait for it to dry (blow dry to speed up the process). Brush through several times to minimize any strands sticking together. Note: You will want to use an old comb or brush as product will transfer. 


5. Apply Britelites Turquoise to your roots.

Highlight with this bright and beautiful shade however you like. I added a few framing highlights with Turquoise as well. 

6. Color your tips with Britelites Lilac.

You could also run with Purple. I chose to work with Lilac since I'm a big fan of pastels these days!

7. Finish the look off by spraying with more Airspray. Allow to dry and brush, brush, brush until the texture feels lightweight. You could style at this point in time with a curling iron, etc. I simply used my fingers to sculpt a few soft curls. 

Here is the finished look early in the day in natural light: 

And here is the look about 12 hours later (flash camera lighting).

Color lasted all day without needing touch ups. I was so happy with the results! If you are going to try out this look, the Airspray I recommended earlier works wonders. There was still a small amount of color transfer (basically a shimmer), but it was minimal. If you have any questions about this look or if you would like me to show you how to get a different look that I have not yet covered yet, please let me know! Email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Cheers my loves!

~Sara Rose