Sarasota Rooftop Photoshoot with Sam and Eric March 14 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with two amazing models, Eric Matthew and Samantha Hall, fashion photographer extrordinare Morgan Swing and Lois Schulman who graciously invited us to utilize her beautiful Sarasota condo. The day couldn't have turned out more perfect and the energy among the group was superb. Here is a sneak peak of the shoot! 

Update: Since this photoshoot, we have changed our packaging and use smaller oval lip-balm sized tubes. We have found that the smaller size is easier to hold and apply perfect highlights. 

This first image shows how easy the product is to apply. (Also - just a few strokes produces dramatic and vivid results.) 

 Close-up of Britelites application

We added some light curls into Sam's hair during the application process.  The primary colors we worked with were Britelites Blue and Purple.

The weather was a little bit chilly (for Florida!) and we definitely had a nice breeze up on the rooftop during this shoot. Sam's hair naturally is a light honey shade. Love how the colors just pop!

Here's a closeup of Sam's hair.

What was really great about this shoot in particular, is that we had the opportunity to see how multifaceted Britelites works into both women and men's hair. Eric has very dark brown hair and the colors looked amazing on him. 

Overall, awesome afternoon. Many thanks to Sam and Eric for bringing their creativity and free spirits to this shoot. We had a blast!

Thanks for reading and as always, if you have questions, ideas, comments, etc. please reach out. If I'm not available to chat immediately, I'll always get back to you.

Love and Light,

Sara Rose