Music Festival Hair: Sarah Jeannot-Kloor Photoshoot March 18 2014

I'm so excited to share this photoshoot with you featuring Sarah Jeannot-Kloor, a free-spirited, lively, gorgeous red-haired friend of mine. 

Sarah has very thick hair so we really took our time working color in. While adding a splash of color takes no time at all, we really wanted the results for this photoshoot to pop.

1.) First, some face framing gold highlights were added. So pretty. Gold works really well on those with warmer undertones, especially reds and warm browns. 

2.) Red was applied to the tips. Our red typically looks a little more Rose or Magenta, but the Gold beneath warmed it up quite a lot.

3.) Blue was also added to the tips and highlights were spread throughout.

4.) Finally, a touch more blue was added to a few loose pincurls. Love this look for music festivals. 

This photoshoot felt like a total fairytale! 

Here's a closeup in the sunlight.

An amazing day and with superb results. If you have any questions about how to achieve this look or something similar with your particular hair color, feel free to send me an IM. (Look towards the bottom-right side of this page. I'm often on chat and happy to help!)

Love and Light,

Sara Rose