The Britelites Difference

Britelites is a new patent-pending temporary hair color product that is removable with shampoo and leaves you with bold and vivid rockstar color! Whether you have the lightest shade of platinum blonde or ebony black hair, Britelites creates dramatic results. 
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How is Britelites different from other temporary products?

Hair chalk will often leave your hair dry and lacking shine! In fact, the talc in hair chalk can actually leach moisture our of your hair, causing major dryness over time. The main downfalls of hair chalk include:

  • Leaves hair matte or flat in appearance
  • Dusty, does not "bind" to hair unless you set the chalk with hair spray or heat
  • May dry or even damage hair over time, as talc may leech moisture out of your hair
  • Does not look natural in appearance

Hair mascara dries on your hair and while it is less messy than the alternatives, it can be difficult to brush through and may leave your hair feeling very coarse.

While we love it whenever someone expresses themselves through hair color, we believe that temporary hair color should look as close to permanent color as possible! When we began experimenting with new ways to temporarily color hair, we wanted to create something that made a serious impact.

A few reasons way our customers love Britelites:

  • Rich, vibrant all-natural color
  • Quick and easy 5 minute application
  • No extra equipment needed (such as water spray bottles, hairspray, etc) just apply and wash hands
  • Maintains integrity of natural hair
  • No harsh chemicals, ammonia or peroxide
  • Infused with natural oils and Vit E for extra moisture and protection
  • Soft velvety feel on hair, won’t flake, dull, harden or fall out
  • Style before or after application